Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gone Birding

We are off to Galveston Island for a nice day of birding.  It has several excellent birding areas so we go at least once a year. We are both native BOIs and know just where to go. But there are always surprises. Once we were just driving along a back road and off to one side about 10 yards away was a flock of Sandhill cranes; we had never seen them so close. 
Then we will have fresh seafood at our favorite place on the sea wall. 
Looking forward to a fun day. Hope everyone has a good long weekend. 


Jeff Jones said...

Sounds like you've got the makings of a great birding weekend. This TN (current) mainlander is envious!


Florence said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeff. We had a very nice day -- mostly gulls and terns, willets, and a couple of plovers The only downside was we were unable to get over to East beach where the skimmers usually hang out. Evidently, the tide was too high and there had been rain. There's always next time!!


Getting out in nature is always a wonderful day. Even if the weather is not that good -- and you are dressed for it. I've only seen sandhill cranes once in my life and it was a treat! Like you I saw them up close. -- barbara