Saturday, November 16, 2013

Goals for next week

Goals for Week Ending Saturday, November 23

      ABF/Church--not done b/c I can't unload my scooter when it is pouring rain. 
     Daily Bible Reading --done. 
     Exercise--done 3 times. 
     Weight Watchers--not done. More rain difficulties. 
     Finalize Humana Medicare Advantage Plan & Prescription Drug Plan--done as much as I can until I get confirmation from Social Security that we will have Medicare Parts A & B. 
     New dental crown placed--done! One down, one to go. 
     Make December budget--done. Our budgets are rather easy to do b/c things are pretty much the same. I save a fixed amount each month for Christmas so there's no out of pocket Christmas expense. 
     Clean out 5 drawers or cabinets--done. 
     Take prints to be framed--not done. Weather. It was just a good week for staying inside. 
     Block #22-- done.  I even started #23. 
     Repot succulents--not done. 
     Finish trimming walkway--done. 
     Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson--Finished. Not very practical for me. 
     Nature Writing by John Muir--in progress. I love him and the way he writes.
     Nella Last's War by Nella Last--not going to finish. 
     Slow Cooker Revolution by The Editors at America's Test Kitchen
Cooking--I am still waiting on this from the library. 
     4 dinners--done. 

All in all a pretty productive week except for the things that required going somewhere and the weather was just too rainy. On to next week and Thanksgiving and our first birding trip of the season. 


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