Sunday, April 7, 2013


1st Advice. Seek to know an inward retirement, even amid the activities of daily life. Make a quiet place in thy daily life, wherein thee may learn the full meaning of prayer, and the gladness of communion with thy Heavenly Father. Remember the special opportunities for refreshment of spirit and for service which the first day of the week affords; use them faithfully, as befits the Friends of the Master. When opportunities for worship arise, be earnestly concerned to enter reverently into communion with God. Come with mind and heart prepared. Yield thyself up to the influence of the Divine Presence so that thee may find the evil in thee weakening and the good raised up. God calls each one to his service. Be obedient and faithful, whether by word or silent prayerful waiting; and be ready to receive the message of others in a tender spirit.
1st Query. Does thee give time of private retirement to the Lord each day? Is thy daily behavior conducive to meditation and communion with God? Does thee maintain a witness for waiting spiritual worship and a free gospel ministry? Does thee seek out fellowship with Friends, as thee is able, with such means as the Lord provides thee to otherwise connect and commune with others living in the Truth and the Way? 

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