Saturday, November 8, 2008

So long, Leon

I've known Leon for about 8 years now. When I first met him, he was about 20 years old and had fled with his parents from Bosnia several years before. Although his English was flawless, he was very quiet and had big blue eyes that seemed to take everything in. He was a newly certified technician and was very conscientious about his work. Not long after he came to work with us, he told us that he was going to school in the mornings before working the evening shift. A couple of years later, he asked if I would write a letter of recommendation for him as he had applied to pharmacy school. He was accepted into pharmacy school and he had to switch to working the night shift so that he could go to school days. It is the gift of strength that the young have that allows them to work nights and go to school days. When he wasn't working or in school, he was studying; too busy to talk much. But then Leon graduated from pharmacy school and passed the state board exam and it was like Leon exploded--it turns out he has a great personality and sense of humor and loved to talk to everybody. It was an amazing transformation and he has a girlfriend. Two weeks ago Leon gave his resignation. He is taking a supervisory position at a neighboring hospital. And he says that he will be starting a weekend MBA program. We had his going away party yesterday. So, so long, Leon, you're what keeps America great and I'm glad that I've known you.

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Tamara said...

What a great story!