Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are people turning into mindless robots?

Sometimes I think so. Here are 3 recent examples:

1. Hurricane Ike blew through our area a couple of months ago causing roof damage to many homes in our subdivision. Within a few days numerous roofs had various patches of blue plastic sheeting covering the damaged areas. A few days later the designated moron who inspects our subdivision for deed restriction violations sent letters to the homeowners apprising them that the blue tarps were in violation of the architectural control regulations for the neighborhood. Mindless robot #1.

2. I presented the woman making sandwiches in our cafeteria with a salad bowl to put my sandwich in so that I would not slide off the flimsy foam plate that the sandwiches are normally served on. In utter astonishment, she said "I can't do that!!" I explained that it was very simple, you just lift the sandwich off the cutting board and place it in the bowl (along with the pickle slice) which she did. It was all I could do not to say, "See, I knew you could do it!" but in keeping with my view that the world needs more kindness, I refrained. Mindless robot #2.

3. A blank stare and (almost) "Does not compute" was the response from the WalMart checker when I gave her the cloth shopping bags to place my groceries in instead of the usual plastic bags. Really, she was stumped until JMM told her to scan the groceries and put them into the cloth bags. Mindless robot #3.

Makes me think of the scary movie back in the 50's where the people were put into pods and turned into mindless robots.

Anyone run into a mindless robot lately?

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