Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Around OakMeadows

This morning JMM and I went in to TSO for our annual eye exams. We both needed both new lenses and new frames. The new frames are needed because the frames of both of our “back-up” pairs of glasses broke this year.  $420 for two pairs of glasses with new frames is about what I had anticipated.  We’ve been going to the same eye doctor for the last 12 years so he knows us quite well. He noted that I am developing cataracts but I do not yet need cataract surgery. Good. 

I have finished cutting out the pieces for the 30 blocks for my next quilt. Next I can start piecing the blocks. Duffy, of course, was on the table supervising.

I finished reading Saving Tarboo Creek by Scott Freeman. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In these days of environmental degradation, I found it soothing to read about a family and their dedication to restoring a piece of the earth. 

I am having a difficult time adjusting to life without my sweet Misty. She was my sleeping partner. And her usual place of residence was either on my bed or in my closet and I am still unsettled when I see that she is not there.  

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, I think I have the same thing going on with the cataracts. It is too early to do the surgery. I will look and see if my library has that book. So sorry about your Misty, will you get another? Enjoy your day!