Friday, September 5, 2014

Goals for next week

I have been very remiss about completing my goals here lately. Well, now that September is here, it is time to get busy again.  So here are my goals for next week and I will post next Friday with the results.  

     Women in the Word 
     Daily reading

     Healthy breakfast and snacks

     Make 75 lattice corner blocks

     The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson
     Poor Economics by Abihijit Bannerjee
     The Catalan Family Saga by Lewis Weinstein


     Sweep out garage
     Have door pictures printed
     Buy new sheets for back bedroom

     Make reservations for NABA 


Hattie said...

What are lattice corner blocks?

Rambling Woods said...

Good luck!

Florence said...

As soon as I get my camera back, I will make a photo to show what the lattice and corner blocks are.

Thanks for the luck, Michelle. This quilt is one I am more or less making up as I go along. It was supposed to be a small baby quilt of an entirely different design. Either I will love it or it will be a disaster!