Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Around Oak Meadows

I thought that today I would introduce you to the most important member of the family (at least in his own estimation.) His name is Bandit and he moved in with us about 11 years ago. I have no idea where he came from until he showed up one morning on the driveway just in front of the garage. It was like he was sitting there waiting for me to come out. He didn't run or move away as I came and picked him up. Well, it was mutual love at first purr. I often say that he is a once in a lifetime cat because he is so personable.  Loves to be around us except at night when he wants OUT.  He is a great mouser and frequently brings he catch to show us so that we can admire his mighty hunting skills. He gives new meaning to the phrase "eating fresh and local."

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