Thursday, January 2, 2014


Marijuana for all in Colorado

I've never smoked it or ingested it in any way so I am not speaking from experience. I don't understand the allure of smoking anything, cigarettes or pot. I don't like being around people in altered mental states from too much alcohol so I can't think I would find people under the influence of marijuana any more agreeable. I anticipate headlines of the future announcing the negative health consequences of inhaling marijuana smoke to be as detrimental as that of cigarettes. 

But what about all the tax dollars that we will be collecting from the legal sale of it. Probably we will reap the same tax benefits that were touted from legalizing gambling. We were supposed to be able to pour money into education from the lottery. Well, we see how well that worked out with educational cuts everywhere.  I may be wrong but it seems to me that the same people who waste their money on cigarettes, booze, and lottery tickets will be the same ones who waste their time, money, and health on pot. I suppose there are always fools so don't expect a lot of sympathy from me when the ill effects are evidenced. 

One last question--does marijuana impair driving? If so are there breathalyzer tests for cannabis? 

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Hattie said...

As a friend of mine puts it, Coloradans love their guns and love their weed.
Since a lot of people will never grow up or take their lives seriously, we just have to live with all their foolishness.