Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Drink the Water

Don't Drink the Water

Especially if you are in West Virginia.  We have been assured that all the toxic waste water from fracking can be safely stored and there is no cause for concern. Only it wasn't and now you can't drink the water in a 9 county area in West Virginia. Why are we so passive and let these fracking companies destroy our ground water??Because we need oil for our Humvees to pollute the air and to make plastic to pollute the oceans. 

Now that the water has been polluted in WV, how long will it be before it is "cleaned up" and certified as drinkable again. And will it really be drinkable?  The oil companies are doing this all over this nation and our Congress, having been bought by the oil companies, does nothing, our agencies charged with protecting our environment have been emasculated by budget cuts. And the band plays on. 

I just came from a pleasant family gathering and not one person there has any knowledge of or interest in the environmental devastation that is going on. And my family is just your garden variety, average American family.  It isn't just that they don't care, it really just isn't even on their radar.


Hattie said...

Mostly, people don't react unless they are directly affected.

Rambling Woods said...

Yes.... Sadly true..