Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders

Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders Learning--feed your mind good stuff; be as careful with what you put into your mind as what you put into your mouth;  good books, good music, good conversation with people who lift you up.  Gratitude--exercise your gratitude muscle; make gratitude your first thoughts in the morning to banish fear and anxiety.  Giving--focusing on the needs of others brings out our strengths; before you let thoughts of lack become dominant, challenge them with an act of giving.  Rules for effective giving:    1.  Give in accordance with your values    2. Give to empower others    3. Give expecting nothing in return    4. Tune in to daily giving opportunities Finishing--Keep your promises.  Fulfill your commitments. Whether your habits are good or bad, you wear them as a badge of who you are.  Knowing that you should do something and not doing it changes your perception of who you are. The good loop--each time you practice learning, thanking, giving, and finishing, the positive results encourage you to do even more which of course leading to more positive results. Good motivational reading.

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