Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out sooner?

There are noises that the recent shooting of 16 Afghans by an American soldier may speed up our withdrawal.  It is tragic that this event occurred and tragic that it may take something like it to get us out sooner.  It is also tragic that we have sent young men and women into repeated tours of duty in totally useless wars.  The soldier that is accused served 3 tours in Iraq and now in Afghanistan; that is wrong, just wrong.  I'll say it one more time: If we had to pay cash for these wars instead of indenturing our grandchildren to the Chinese and if we had a draft so each and every one of our sons and daughters was equally liable to have to go fight these wars, we would be mighty careful about which wars we chose  to get into.

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Hattie said...

You are right. Our all-volunteer army has enabled perpetual war, since so many of us do not suffer from the consequences of warfare at all, at least not in any obvious way.