Monday, March 5, 2012

Now McCain wants to bomb Syria

Is there any Arab country he doesn't want us to invade / bomb?  Can't he at least wait until we have turned Afghanistan into a functioning democracy just like we did in Iraq...

The following was a response to a post in Rod Dreher's blog; it is by a writer known only as Lord Karth.  He sums it up perfectly.

Lord Karth, on March 5th, 2012 at 5:31 pm Said:
Here’s the Karth policy on the Middle East: Stay out. Under NO circumstances whatsoever should we get involved in a prospective Syrian civil war.
First, we would be perceived as being Israeli proxies, which would inflame the entire Muslim world unnecessarily.
Secondly, we do not know the real goals or motivations of the Syrian rebels aside from wanting to displace Assad. If they have anything to do with Iran (and given that there is a split of some sort in Iranian politics between the Khamenei and Ahmadinejad factions, it would not do to discount the possibility), we would only be risking going from bad to worse should they win. And there is no guarantee that they will win; Assad the son has evidently learned the lessons of his father and is playing by the Hama rules in this situation.
Third, we do not have overmuch in the way of military capacity to throw into the fight. I am given to understand that our stocks of drones and unmanned missiles are not what they should be, and our manpower capacity is not what it should be, either. (We have yet to rebuild our stocks to their pre-Iraqi war levels, from what I am told.)
Long-term, our most appropriate policy should include: a) gradually weaning Israel as well as Egypt off our financial/aid teats, and b) developing an energy policy that minimizes our reliance on oil from the Middle East. Developing the shale sands of Canada, solar power satellites and a greater use of Diesels in domestic auto production might be good places to begin.
Your servant,
Lord Karth


Anonymous said...

you do realize that obama will be bringing us into world war three, don't you? that's one way of ending the recession, isn't it?

america must give israel all the assistance and help it needs. not to do so would be at their own peril.

Florence said...

No, anon, I don't see President Obama getting us into a world war. What I do see is him getting us OUT of not one but two wars we are already in. I also see him prudently and with infinite patience, resisting the right wing nutsos in Congress who are in bed with the weapons industries. Thank God that McCain is not our Commander in Chief!