Sunday, May 30, 2010

42nd Wedding Anniversary

Where did all the years go?? The Army, VietNam, back to school, baby, careers, loss of parents, houses and jobs, travel near and far, good times and not so good times but all of it knowing we were in it together for the long haul. It's been a good journey and I'm thankful for a good partner to share it all with.

So how did we celebrate? Gone birding, of course. Brazos Bend State Park this morning, Pappasito's for lunch, and a long afternoon nap. Perfect.


Grace. said...

Many, many congratulations. I truly cannot think of one boy or man I ever dated that I can imagine spending 42 years with! I'm glad you found one for yourself.

Cowtown Pattie said...

I love that state park!

('Course, I am native...0

Florence said...

Hey, fellow Texan!! Watch out for the gators when you're there!!