Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Today I did my housework, went to the grocery, napped with the cats, and will cook dinner. It was just what I needed--an ordinary day. I'm tired of coping and working and coping with work. I work Wednesday and Friday and then will have a week of vacation. I want them all to be ordinary days--lunch or dinner with my DD, maybe a movie--just ordinary days.

Since it has been an ordinary day, I'll tell you about ordinary things--we've had lots of rain recently and the corn fields are gloriously tall and green. The baby swallows from both the front porch nest and the back porch nest have flown--6 fledged babies. There are caterpillars on the salvia and milkweed, the black furry kind; we counted 9 of them--I wonder what kind of chrysalis they will make and what kind of butterfly they will turn into.

I watched a Netflix DVD yesterday--Summer Hours. The story was interesting but the movie dragged; maybe 2 stars. I am still listening to Out of Africa; I love it but don't like it on my i-Pod because I have so much trouble getting it to where I left off.

Quotation for the day:

"We are all in this world together - people , plants and animals - and we had better make the most of our opportunities. We are all here for some purpose: I believe that it is to live a good life, individually and collectively. That means for us humans to do as little harm as possible, to other humans, to animals and to the whole environment, and to do as much good as possible. To live simply, not elaborately; to consume the least possible, not the most possible. If you have any religion, let it be helpfulness, love and unity. We will then fulfill the purpose and take our part in the great plan. It is as simple as that."~Helen Nearing (1904-1995)

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