Monday, October 8, 2018

Around OakMeadows

Angie, mighty sock killer. 

I’ve been thinking about my animal companions.  I started this year with 4 cats and 1 dog. We had to put 2 of the cats down. They were old and sick and would never be well again so I have no qualms about having them euthanized. The two remaining cats are 4 years old so I will probably have them for another 10 years. The dog is 6 years old and will probably live another six years. Since I am 70 now, I will be 76 when the dog dies and 80 when the cats go. We are in the fortunate position that feeding and veterinary care for them poses no financial hardship for us. I love animals and they are a source of great enjoyment to me. So I hope I will always have the their companionship. The question, of course, is whether to replace them as they die. I am leaning currently against more animals as I am finding 2 cats much easier to care for than 4 and with my neuromuscular condition, if I didn’t have JMM to help with the dog, I couldn’t take care of her at all. I do understand the pull of getting a new kitten or puppy but this is like other things in life, there is a time in life for somethings and not for others.  These are just my thoughts right now and I know how quickly I melt when faced with an abandoned kitten. 


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Angie is fierce with that prey of hers! It is good to be thoughtful about pets and I know it must be hard. I do know a couple of people in our age group who have adopted older pets because of the age thing you articulate so well.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I like your cute Angie. After my Goldie Girl passed we decided against another dog, we were traveling a lot and felt bad leaving her. But, I did hear having a pet when you are older makes a person happier and can actually live longer. Not sure if that is true, but having a dog always made me happy. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!