Monday, October 24, 2016

Around OakMeadows

Cloudless Sulphur

Around OakMeadows 

Woke up this morning to blessedly cool, low humidity air!  We have been having temperatures in the 90s the past week (several degrees above average for this time of year) and I am so ready to be able to open the windows.  Up north people get cabin fever in the winter but I get it in the summer when it is too hot to go outside and all I want to do is hug the a/c.

We went to our monthly lunch P&W&C&B. My SIL, B, is recovering

from West Nile Virus. She is looking great.  She lost a lot of weight, fatigues easily, and has a slight tremor but on the whole she is making a really good recovery.  Her husband though does not look so good. These last two months have been a real strain on him. I hope he will go to see his doctor and get checked out. 

I did my usual Friday Finances this afternoon. All bills paid (including 6 month auto insurance), savings fund paid, and we are in the black.  Am still puzzled as to why my blood work for my annual physical cost almost three times as much as the JMM's blood work for his annual physical--Medical billing is truly one of the mysteries of the universe.  Next big bill is Property Taxes but that is ready to be paid thanks to the Savings Fund.

Saturday morning is my day for grocery shopping.  I like to go early before it gets crowded.  I know where everything is so I can zip through the store in one round. However, JMM wanted to go to a different mega- supersize grocery just to try it out. Ack! It took twice as long as usual.  I'll stick to my smaller store where I know where
everything is and where the produce and meat market people know me and will help me get the good stuff.  

My sweet daughter has taken a work assignment that will require a temporary relocation.  It is great for her and I am 100% supportive. But oh my, how I will miss having her close by. I know I can go and visit her but it's just not like being able to meet up for lunch or a movie.

We have had so many butterflies the past few weeks.  We've been cultivating a butterfly garden for about 3 years now and it is finally coming to fruition.  JMM and I are having such fun going out to see who is there. Lots of Gulf fritillaries, several Monarchs, Queens, Tiger Swallowtails, and many, many more. 

That's all the news from the home of Bandit, Misty, Duffy, and Henry who graciously allow us to live here with them and care for their every desire. 

4 comments: said...

Beautiful butterfly. Got to dig out my copy of founding gardeners. Nice to be back in the black.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty shot of the butterfly. I hope you SIL and hubby get well soon. Congrats to your daughter on her job, I hope she is not away for too long. I like shopping in the same store once we know where everything is located. Your butterfly garden sounds wonderful. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Hattie said...

We are getting into butterfly encouragement too. A friend gave us some plants that attract Monarchs. So far we have seen two Monarch caterpillars but they disappeared. Birds might have eaten them, or they might have left. I've heard they can walk crawl pretty far and may have found ideal spots for their chrysalises. I certainly hope so.

Rambling Woods said...

I too would like to have my daughter near by... love all your quiet here...