Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Around OakMeadows

Although I was a Bernie supporter, I am happy for Hillary. She's certainly put the years of work into it.  I will be voting for her in November.  One thing I will not do though is listen to any of the horrid things that the Republicans will be saying about her. (In all honesty though, I won't be listening to anything about The Donald either but that is because I just can stand anything about him.) 

I listened to Fresh Air last night and Terry Gross interviewed Jeffrey Rosen about his new book, Louis Brandeis: American Prophet.  It sounds so interesting! I added it to my GoodReads To Read list at #92.  There are just so many interesting books to read. 
Speaking of reading, I am still in David Attenborough's The Life of Birds.  Even if the book weren't well written and interesting, the gorgeous pictures would make it worthwhile.  My current book of fiction is About Face by Donna Leon. It is a Commissario Brunetti mystery. 

I'm still piecing my Scrap 9-Patch.  I can't do any more on Starz until my DD comes over to help us layer it. It is just too unwieldy for me to manage. Then I can get it basted and start quilting on it.  

I've bought theater tickets for the Alley's Summer Chills production of Agatha Christie's Spider's Web.  They do a murder mystery every summer just for fun.  I'm looking forward to it.  I am also looking forward to The Book of Mormon which is coming in January, 2017. 

Lots of cooking.  JMM and I made Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice Soup; it is so good and nutritious and low fat/calorie.  It is so nice to have several bowls of it in the refrigerator for quick lunches.  Other cooking: Shrimp Jambalaya and Chicken Cacciatore.  What did we have for dinner this evening?? Burgers & Fries.  LOL!!

The rains have let up and the Brazos River is down about 5-6 feet.  We have never seen it so high before.  Now if it just won't rain for a week or two, we can get dried out! My yard looks like a jungle! The mosquitos have been light so far but will probably be out in the bazillions in a few days.  

There are still at least 6 Monarchs twirling around the property. I haven't seen any caterpillars in the last couple of weeks.  The milkweed has recuperated from being eaten down by the earlier caterpillars, so there is plenty for them now.  We have a fresh nest full of baby swallows pooping all over the front porch.  All I can say is that it is a darned good thing they are so cute when they are learning to fly.  

That's about it for now. 


Rambling Woods said...

Trump....sigh.... No words.... Hope you get a break from the rain and here we need some....

Hattie said...

It's all good. I'm hoping we have turned the corner, politically speaking. Your slow cooker meals look good. Where are you getting the recipes?