Friday, October 9, 2015

October Poetry


Along the shady forest floor
As summer's long days wane,
The mushrooms pop up, wearing hats
To shed the autumn rain. 

John Frank


Rambling Woods said...

I like this one... new to me.. I think the entire political atmosphere is depressing.. The entire country held hostage to 40 extreme members of the House from their carefully designed districts to cause problems. I am reading a book about LBJ by one of his staff members.. The man could get things done. I miss the days when Sen Ted Kennedy could sit with his friends from across the aisle and get things done.. and I like Bernie.....

Florence said...

I took this poem from a children's book of poetry. I'll be posting more from it.

Politics is just a circus these days. I really like Bernie, but as long as Congress is such a mess, it will be hard for anyone to get anything done.