Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Around OakMeadows

Water ponding under the live oaks.

Around OakMeadows

Hurricane Patricia was the main event this week.  Rainfall totaled 9.5 inches. Lots of wind but no damage.  The cats were most unhappy that their favorite napping spot on the sunny back porch was wet. 

I've been quilting away on the baby quilt--working on the borders now.  And now I'm beginning to plan the next one.  

Reading: The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny was really good. All her Armand Gamache mysteries are excellent.  I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Joe and I are really enjoying reading aloud to each other Deep South by Paul Theroux. It got off to a bad start but once he got into the trip and the people he met, it was much improved.  Still reading The Last a Founding Father: James Monroe by Harlow Unger. It is well written and full of things that I didn't know. 

Cooking: I have begun Tuesdays With Dorie. It is an online cooking group that bakes its way through Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.  The group votes on which 2 recipes to make each month. Then everyone makes it and discusses any problems and finally posts pictures of their finished creation. 

We are going to the Texas Butterfly Festival in Mission, TX next weekend.  We went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe is taking a class on Macro butterfly photography. I am doing Butterfly Basics again because it was so much fun last year to go around the National Butterfly Center with an expert and learn all about the beautiful butterflies.  The National Butterfly Center is amazing. It has acres of plants that provide food for the caterpillars and nectar for the butterflies.  I have never seen so many butterflies at once in my life.  I just hope the weather cooperates again this year.  


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh please post pictures of the butterflies! I so hope the weather cooperates for it. I guess Patricia wasn't as bad as feared, but all that rain in such a short time sounds pretty fearsome to me!

schmidleysscribblins.com said...

Now I am curious. Deep South received poor reviews around here for being cliche ridden and not very accurate about the South. So, I wondered how you will rate it. I've read several of Theroux's books and found the a bit uneven.

Florence said...

Theroux is narrow in his focus during his trips through the South. He focuses almost entirely on the abysmally poor areas throughout the South and intentionally bypasses the growing, thriving areas. If you are looking for a balanced view of the South, you're out of luck with this book. However, what he does write about is accurate in its portrayal of the poverty, hopelessness, and culture of these areas. The gun shows, the church ladies, the friendliness and hospitality, the food are all spot on. IMHO. My main criticism of the book is that he is too verbose, he goes off on sort-of-related tangents, like he is just dying to see how many words he can get into the book.

Florence said...

trying not dying

Rambling Woods said...

I'm glad you are ok.... I am interested in this book now... I can deal with wordy to learn about an area I know little about