Thursday, April 16, 2015

Around OakMeadows

Around OakMeadows

About 15 years ago I injured my right shoulder.  With rest and a couple of cortisone injections, my shoulder mostly healed.  But as I have aged the shoulder became stiff and painful. I treated it with ibuprofen, a heating pad, and sleeping with pillows propping me just so.  And I just assumed that I would just have to live with it.  Well, several months ago I bought a Sit & Be Fit exercise DVD.  It is all very gentle movements to improve flexibility, strength and coordination. What a difference those exercises have made on my shoulder! Totally unexpected.  My shoulder started improving within the first 2 weeks and now, other than some morning stiffness, is perfectly normal. 

This year we have had almost no hummingbirds migrate through. I don't know why but I suspect habitat loss.  Currently, we have only one pair of hummingbirds feeding on our salvia and the one feeder we have up.  I suppose this is to be the new normal.  Children will grow up not ever seeing the masses of hummingbirds as they pass through. It is the same with my generation who never knew the great masses of passenger pigeons. 

Does anyone else get up early to clean house before the housecleaners arrive? I do. But they can't clean the kitchen counters if they are all cluttered up and they can't vacuum if there is stuff on the floor. And I keep the litter box in the tub in the guest bathroom so I need to get that out so they can clean the tub. I love my cleaning crew because there are 2 guys and 2 women and the guys can move the refrigerator or the washer and drier to clean twice a year. And they are all the nicest people. They have cleaned for me for over 10 years now. 

I have started watching House of Cards on Netflix DVDs.  I am hooked.  I absolutely loved the British House of Cards several years ago and this one is every bit as good. What, I wonder, does that say about my own character that I love to watch Machiavelli in action??

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Rambling Woods said...

I am going to look into that DVD. Yes I pick up before the cleaner comes and I just started watching House of Cards.... Lol..