Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Around OakMeadows

Joe's Aunt has been in declining health for several years and has been residing in a nursing home. She was hospitalized where her condition was stabilized and returned to the nursing home. She rapidly declined and is now on palliative care. She seems to be in no real distress although it is hard to tell. Her daughter, Joe's cousin, has been caring for her and is very stressed. My SIL is helping as much as she can. But there is little anyone can do. Joe has been asked to be one of the readers at the funeral. It is hard to see someone who was so full of life fading away, especially since she is the very last of her generation in the family. 

Other bad news is, of course, the horrible oil spill in Galveston Bay. I can't watch the news and see the poor struggling oil covered birds. Just can't watch it. 

Now for some good news. 

We have two pairs of barn swallows. One nest on the back porch and one on the front porch. We also have at least two hummingbirds coming to the feeder. Mockingbirds are all over the place, chasing each other out of their territory. I suspect a cardinal nest in the bottlebrush bush. Lots of the usual suspects at the birdbath and feeders. Warblers, who remain unidentified, continue to thwart me.  Blue jays, collared and mourning doves, titmouse, and a few red winged blackbirds. 

I finally finished the table runner.  I will post a photo soon. I want to do a baby quilt next. Must go fabric shopping. Pastels. 

Reading in To End All Wars. What an excellent book! I've finished 1915 and started 1916. I can hardly bear to read about the senseless slaughter and the horrific conditions. It is amazing that there was very, very little opposition to the war. It was all patriotism and glory. How can I criticize it though--the U.S. has been in a stupid, senseless war for going on 13 years now with very, very little opposition. And truth to tell, there are those in Congress who would involve us in any number of others wars. 

Lots of blooms around OakMeadows. The  redbuds, crab apples and Mexican plum trees are covered in blooms. The azaleas are loaded with buds just beginning to open. Wildflowers are lovely--lots of Indian paint brushes, something that has purple blooms, but very few bluebonnets. The pink and yellow primroses haven't really started blooming yet. 

My church is starting an ESL class and is looking for volunteers. I am thinking seriously about volunteering. I will look into it a bit more before making a decision. 

Cooking has been rather sketchy this past week. Nothing new, just same old, same old. Need to look through my ATK Cookbooks. I love ATK. 

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