Thursday, June 20, 2013

Figuring out Medicare

Figuring out Medicare

Oh my, this is not for the faint of heart!  

JMM and I signed up for Medicare Part A when we turned 65. No problem, just registered online and received our Medicare cards in the mail. We did not sign up for Part B because we get our medical insurance through his employer. However, he will be retiring next February.  So I have been reading the Medicare and You publication and the site. 

The first step I needed to do was call Social Security and make arrangements for adding Part B.  Once I got past the automated system and to an agent, it was quite straightforward.  They are mailing the forms to us and we will have to get JMM's HR Department to verify that we have been covered under his employer's policy. Mail that back in and our Part B will begin February 1. 

I have a couple more decisions to make:
     Medigap insurance?
     Medicare Advantage plan?
     Medicare prescription drug plan?

I am going to try to get information together in a spreadsheet form so we can compare costs and benefits.  Most of it seems to be online and will be just a matter of pulling it all together. 


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Hattie said...

All our interactions with SS and Medicare have been easy. We do have Kaiser, which simplifies our insurance situation.
Good luck with this. It's not so bad. We're lucky, actually.