Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

Dear Mom and Dad,
     I have jury duty today. In fact, I am writing on my iPad in the Jury Assembly room at the Fort Bend County Justice Center. It is a new modern building, not the old county courthouse. Although I had never been here before, I had no trouble finding it. I got the Driving Directions on Google. We have a Garmin which will give you voice guided directions as you drive but I didn't want to bother with it. Anyway, once you get into the building you have to go through a metal detector and scanner. Since I was on my scooter, I just scooted through and the attendant used a hand wand to make sure I wasn't bringing any contraband in. It is air-conditioned (actually a little too cool) and they even have WiFi so I have an Internet Connection. I have a book on my iPad too so i have plenty to keep me occupied while waiting. The only uncomfortable thing is the hard wood benches; next time I'll bring a cushion!
Well that was over quickly. They only needed one jury panel and then sent the rest of us home. Under the current system, I won't be called again for 3 years. 
I've been on both civil and criminal juries and found both of them very interesting. I don't recall either of you being called for jury duty. Were you??

That's all for now. Nap time. I miss you both more than words can say. 

Love, FM

P.S. My black cat LuckyDuck is throwing up again.  Don't know what I should do. Wait and see I guess. If he goes downhill, I could take him to the vet for fluids, anti-nauseant, and more antibiotics but that will be a lot of money. OK, wait and see; no need to borrow trouble from tomorrow. 

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Hattie said...

Advice on cat: Feed only twice a day with only fresh dry food and provide fresh water. If that doesn't stop it, go to vet.