Monday, May 27, 2013

My sweet LuckyDuck

LuckyDuck came into my life most unexpectedly 10 years ago.  I was visiting my Aunt Lillian who lived the tiny East Texas crossroads of Etoile. It was a cold and rainy November day. I was in her meticulously clean kitchen, when I heard a tiny mewing sound coming from outside the back door. I looked out and there were two tiny kittens. One was grey and white and the other was all black. Of course, I brought them in, warmed, dried, and fed them and immediately fell in love with them. I named the grey one RagMuffin and the black one LuckyDuck. They were both lucky because I just  happened to be there and hear them. 
However, it seems thatLuckyDuck's luck may have run out because I am almost sure that he has become diabetic. He hasn't eaten since Thursday and has had very little water and he throws up anything that he tries to eat. He is very lethargic and I know he is dehydrated. I call him my Buddha cat because he is always so mellow and peaceable. Like Ferdinand the Bull, all he wants is to quietly smell the flowers. ..and eat dry cat chow and lots of it. Which inevitably has led to him being obese. I have tried to get him to eat Fancy Feast and the dry weight loss chow but he wouldn't. I should have tried harder I guess. 
We will take him to the vet tomorrow.  If he is diabetic, we will most likely euthanize him. I will miss my sweet LuckyDuck. It is going to be a long day tomorrow. 

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