Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day Goes Awry

Well, this day has not gone as planned at all and that's not such a bad thing. I had scheduled too many things to begin with and was dreading being on the road going and doing all day. So when things didn't pan out, it was a relief. Such a relief that I went back to bed and took a sound sleep nap. 

The first change of the day was a call from my hair salon informing me that my hairdresser, Diane, was ill and wouldn't be in today.  Fine, I will reschedule.  I look like a shaggy dog but that is one thing I don't have to do today. 

Next I got an email stating that the voter registration training that was scheduled for tonight in the previous email will actually be next Tuesday, sorry for the inconvenience. No problem, I would just as soon not go anywhere from 6-7 tonight because we are having a cold front moving through and it is raining, windy, and cold and who on earth has ever heard of a cold front moving through the Texas Gulf Coast in May??

Last, I was supposed to make Cod Chowder for dinner and I called myself and cancelled that too, just because I want to cook even less than usual.  

So right now I have a cat and a quilt on my lap, the radio is on and Talk of the Nation is talking, I have a good book on the Kindle (The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult) and I have a banana to eat. It's a good day after all. 


Jessie said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a day cleared out like that! I'm in San Antonio, and I can't get over this cold front. I ran a few errands today and I can tell people just aren't willing to accept it. There was more than one person shivering in shorts and sandals. Enjoy your evening!

Hattie said...

Not a good day: a perfect day!

Florence said...

It was like being given a gift--an ordinary day!
Jessie, I klaausghed at your statement that people just aren't accepting it. And it is true here too!! We are supposed to be in shorts, sweating and swatting mosquitoes!! LOL!!