Wednesday, February 6, 2013


If the budget is to be cut, sequestration may be the best/only way to cut it.  I am not totally convinced that now is the best time for budget cutting but then there never seems to be a good time.  The reason I think it may be the best/only way to go rather than selectively cutting is that no matter what is chosen to be selectively cut, there will be a  lobby crying that their area is absolutely necessary to the safety and well-being of the nation. Or sometimes the cry will be that their cuts will not make a significant cut in the budget anyway so we might as well leave them alone.

I think JMM and I will weather it without any undue hardship--we will have a home, good food to eat, medical care when needed, and heat in the winter. This is unfortunately far from universal and it will be the people who can afford it the least who will bear the brunt of it.  It beats me to know if there is anything I can do about it though other than taking care of my family and reaching out to help where I can.  Contacting my Representative is a non-starter because Pete Olson is about the worst of the worst and we share a mutual loathing. So we carry on doing what we can.

President Obama has offered a package that will forestall the full effect of the sequestration. He is such a good person and President; he is truly trying to do the right thing for the country with absolutely no cooperation from the Republican Party of Obstruction. Please let us try to take back the House in 2014!

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