Sunday, February 10, 2013


“When I look back upon my early days I am stirred by the thought of the number of people whom I have to thank for what they gave me or for what they were to me. At the same time I am haunted by an oppressive consciousness of the little gratitude I really showed them while I was young. How many of them have said farewell to life without having made clear to them what it meant to me to receive from them so much kindness or so much care! Many a time have I, with a feeling of shame, said quietly to myself over a grave the words which my mouth ought to have spoken to the departed, while he was still in the flesh.” 


Hattie said...

I was talking to my sister about my mother and how much we appreciate now, too late, what she did for us. She was the only person who cared for us, really.

Florence said...

My husband and I both wish now that we had talked more with our parents about their lives. They were the Great Depression/World War II generation.