Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have been made obsolete...and it is fine by me!

For 40+ years, when JMM and I travel, I am the navigator, the keeper and interpreter of the map.  Mostly we have ended up where we intended to go, sometimes not exactly according to plan.   My services as map reader and navigator are no longer needed because JMM purchased a Garmin. Garmin expertly guided us from Logan Airport in Boston, to Portsmouth, NH,  to Freeport, Maine, on finally right to our hotel in Bar Harbor. It was amazing!  In 0.2 miles turn left on whatever and sure enough in 0.2 miles whatever is right there for you to turn onto. And the lovely little screen which tells you in which lane to be! Well, that little feature would have forestalled many an unpleasant comment from JMM when I used to point out to him our exit, just as we were passing it by.  This is one piece of technology that I really like!



10I swear that I will not give into this modern piece of technology. But who knows when folks like you make it sound so good! -- barbara

Florence said...

Barbara, our daughter has had one for years and tried to get me to get one. I haughtily told her that people of my generation knew how to read maps and such toys may be fun but are totally unnecessary...Seems I have changed my mind!! LOL!!