Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Do No Harm

First, Do No Harm

I think that I would do well to use this as my measuring rod.  For many years I was a hospital pharmacist and the phrase, First Do No Harm was well known in the medical community.   But I'm not thinking of it in that aspect alone. There are, of course, many applications but I am considering these 3 today:

Environment--I can consider my actions and the amount of harm I do to the earth and the living creatures in it.  In terms of CO2 emissions, do I need to make that trip in the car and if I do is it worth the harm that it causes.  Do I need that new hot air popcorn popper? I eat popcorn and the microwaveable bags are both unhealthy and result in extra packaging waste. Does that make up for the manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and electricity that is used in a new hot air popcorn popper?  Winter clothing has been on my mind recently. I have lost 24 lb. and have another 20 to lose.  My winter clothes are too big, should I pay a seamstress to alter them or should I donate them to the Goodwill and buy new? At this point, I am leaning toward alteration since the pants are good quality LLBean pants.  That way someone is given employment for their skill and no new product or packaging and shipping is involved and therefore less harm is done to the environment. 

Personal health--I can consider my actions and the amount of harm or good that I am doing to my own or JMM's body.  What we eat and how it is prepared is mostly my responsibility.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, eating vastly less sugar, and being mindful of portion sizes has resulted in weight loss and less harm to my body.  Our health care system would be much less overburdened if everyone would do less harm to their bodies by stopping smoking, eating only real food in moderate portions, limiting alcohol to wine with a meal, turning the television off & getting off the couch, and spending some quiet time in nature.  I think this would at least do no harm. 

Interpersonal relations--I think we have gone too far in feeling free to express ourselves.  I think kindness and gentleness in dealing with one another would result in less harm being done to our family, friends, acquaintances, and other drivers on the road. 

Maybe I won't be able to do no harm but perhaps I can do less harm by being mindful of my own actions. 

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Good post. Keep spreading the word about doing no harm!!!!! - barbara