Friday, June 10, 2011

Household improvements

Two items on my WTHIPO (When the House Is Paid Off) list recently were taken care of.  I had the carpets and a/c vents steam cleaned.  And I bought new furniture for the living room--new couch, 1 comfy reading chair, 2 end tables, coffee table, 2 table lamps, and 2 floor lamps.  All without touching my emergency fund.  It looks really nice if I say so myself.  I haven't decided what to save up for next on the WTHIPO list--maybe the grandfather clock repair or the sewing machine cabinet refinishing.

Getting the house in tip top shape is such a benefit of retirement.  Things that I have not had time to do for years can be tackled a little bit each day--cleaning out old files, scrubbing tiles in the kitchen, organizing cabinets and closets.  I love to have things organized and orderly!!

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