Saturday, May 7, 2011

Retirement So Far

Yesterday was my retirement party at work. It was lovely and it was so nice to see everyone. I have never felt so appreciated in all my life. The tables were lovely and there was loads of wonderful food. They certainly sent me out in style!! Numerous people wanted to know what I was going to do now. Well, I'm not sure that I want to do more than I am doing right now--quilting, reading, and gardening. The fact is that I am about as busy as I want to be. I'm not bored and I am not lonely. I feel better than I have in the past 2 years. My house is getting cleaned and organized. Since I am able to plan meals, grocery shop, and cook, we are eating better and spending less money. With gas prices at $3.89/ gallon, our gasoline bill has dropped considerably without my 70 mile per day commute. But the main thing is there is no stress, there is time to sit and watch the swallows, pull weeds in the garden, read just one more chapter. Yes, so far retirement is suiting me just fine.

On a different subject, I just have to mention that for the first time ever, we have a nesting pair of bluebirds in the bird house. They are incredibly beautiful.

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