Friday, May 27, 2011

Heat and Drought

I just can't get over how hot and dry it is!! Here at OakMeadows, we have had 1/2 inch of rain since January.  We have had to water the garden, trees, and around the foundation and were hit with a water bill of $266 for last month. Yikes, that was more than the electricity bill!! 

 The farmers and ranchers around here are in dire straights--crops are dead or never came up to begin with and the cattle are having to be fed because there is nothing to graze on.  I expect that they will start selling the cattle for slaughter soon.  We will see a brief decrease in the price of beef as it will all come to market at once but that will be followed by a steep rise in price.  So stock up when the price drops because it will soon go back up higher than it was to begin with.  Since Texas has the second largest agricultural product in the nation, the drought here will affect the whole nation with higher food prices.

When I was a girl, I lived without air-conditioning.  I remember window fans and attic fans and the hand fans that were given out at church.  I know I survived because I am still here but oh my, how I would hate to try to live without it now.  What a wuss I have become!!

The poor wildlife around here are coming in closer to human habitation simply to try to find water.

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