Monday, September 6, 2010

Time to Retire???

The plan has been to stay in the workplace until 66 but I am reconsidering. This past year of ill health has been a real struggle. I am physically better in many ways and my employer has worked with me to decrease my hours to Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays plus one weekend each month. The thing is I am tired; my days off are mostly spent resting from the work days. I will be 63 in December and perhaps I should just call it quits then. I wouldn't necessarily need to start drawing Social Security or to draw from my 403b and JMM will still be working to provide health insurance and benefits. So why not retire?? I think the thing that is holding me back is concern that something might happen to keep JMM from working. Life experience has made me very leary of not having my back covered. It seems to be that when one thing changes, a whole cascade of things happen...usually not for the better.
I am just in the beginning stages of looking into this and seriously thinking about it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Grace. said...

I think it sucks that you can't make this decision based on what YOU want--that your health may make the decision for you.

OTOH, your health is SO important to your retirement that you really do have to pay attention to it.

Best of luck on whichever direction you decide to go.