Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Neglected roses

Since I have been sick all year, I have totally neglected my roses. They didn't get pruned on Valentine's Day, they didn't get fertilized, or sprayed at all. To make matters worse, JMM planted some morning glory seeds near them intending for them to go up the pillar of the back porch but what they actually did was flow over the 3 Daybreaker roses. It looked like kudzu taking over the world. Sunday, I saw one tiny rose bloom peeking out from under that tangled mass of vines as if to say “Help me!!” So I have been spending a few minutes each morning before it gets too hot whacking that mess back. I have the middle rose bush one cleared off and today I watered it and sprayed it with fungicide. Tomorrow I will start on the largest of the 3 bushes; it will be difficult because I can’t get my scooter around to the front side of it but I will figure something out.

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