Friday, June 11, 2010

Good things in life

Watching nature--birds, flowers, bees, butterflies. The nice thing about this is, nature is as close as my back porch--don't have to go anywhere, just sit down, be quiet, and watch.

Good books. I am becoming especially fond of good audio books. A good reader just brings the book to life.

Eating out. I know it is fashionable now to love to cook but I don't, so there.

Cats. Affectionate, quiet, each unique personality, do not require walks (but do require litter boxes...)

Quilting. I love putting colors, fabrics, and patterns together. I think everyone needs some creative activity.

Cleaning something out. I don't mean the everyday stuff like dishes and dusting and bathrooms. What I like to do is clean out and organize something. I recently cleaned out and organized the back closet. Next I want to go through all our old videos and give the ones we'll not watch again to the library and organize the others.

Comfortable clothes. What a blessing it is to not wear pantyhose and pointy toe shoes!!

Haircuts and manicures and a massage. Oh my, what a luxury!!

What are some of life's good things for you?

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