Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Fair Share

It's April 15 and my taxes have long ago been filed and the small refund deposited and used to finish paying off our house. We are not among the 47% of my fellow countrymen who paid no income tax. You know what? That's fine with me. I use the services and believe in paying for goods and services received. I use the interstate highway system, I am protected by the military, my food and medicines are monitored by the FDA, and on and on. I am also willing to pay for the common good such as public health and education. I do not begrudge the 47% who paid no taxes at all but I do wonder about the economic policies that have led us to where 47% of our people are too poor to pay taxes. And I also think that when people do not pay they become less inclined to care how the money is spent. That's why I think that a bill should be sent to every American household for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan each year. If we really believe in the wars, we should be willing to pay for them in cash and with our own children.

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