Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have a new addition to the OakMeadows family. She is an 8 year old reddish blond cocker spaniel. She is actually TSM's dog but is visiting with us for as long as she cares to stay. She has those adorable cocker spaniel liquid brown eyes. But it is the ears!! Long, curly, incredibly soft ears that won't leave you alone until you stroke them, roll them up, cover her eyes with them. Daisy seems very used to people going crazy over her ears and calmly endures the human fixation with her ears.
How are the cat/dog interactions coming along? you might ask. Well, Daisy has been browbeaten by the head cat (literally) and gives them wide berth. She is puzzled because everyone else around here seems to love her. Oh well, she says, I have other things to do than deal with cats.
She is very adaptable to new people and places. With our 4 acres, there are many interesting smells to sniff; one can stay exceedingly busy sniffing one's way around this place. JMM is really enjoying having her with him as he works around the yard. She thinks he is wonderful because he takes her to interesting smells... and because he feeds her sausage.

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