Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coping with Economic Free Fall

How am I coping with the economic freefall that we are in? Physically, I am cleaning and cooking and sewing and quilting. We are gardening and I am learning home canning. We are paying off our one remaining debt—our mortgage and building up our emergency fund from $6,000 to $7,000. That is what we are actively doing. Emotionally/mentally I am dealing with it by consciously limiting the time that I listen to the neverending bad news and listening to beautiful music instead. Also, I am consciously focusing on gratitude for my many blessings. That is how I am dealing with it--how are you coping?

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Retired Syd said...

I'm doing much the same as you write about here. The more I appreciate what I do have the better I feel.

I'm having trouble tuning out the news (I love your 24 hour news fast--I couldn't go much more than 24 hours, I admit).

Whether we dwell on the bad or dwell on the good, we'll all wind up in the same place in a few years. We might as well try and enjoy the ride!