Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greed and corruption

This week's news has been chock full of stories about political and business corruption. The governor of Illinois wants to sell Barak Obama's recently vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder and a hedge fund manager was actually running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Yawn. Politics and business corruption, who would have thought it... You simply cannot read world history and not realize that people are not innately virtuous. All that can be done is to have a nation of laws, a free press, law enforcement, an independent judiciary, and as Professor Moody in the Harry Potter series says, "Vigilance, constant vigilance!" against the forces of evil.

Though for the day:

~ There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed. ~ Buddha

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