Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy Day

I am not happy when I mostly sit around twiddling my thumbs. I like to accomplish things and today has been a very productive day.

First of all, I am so proud of JMM for saving us $1500+ by repairing the roof. We had minor roof damage from Hurricane Ike and our insurance deductible was greater than the cost of the repair. JMM bought a new extension ladder so that he could safely get onto and off of the roof and a bucket of tar shingle adhesive; after the storm, he had gathered up the shingles that had blown off so he didn't even have to buy more shingles. Over the last month, he has gradually replaced or repaired all the shingles that had blown loose. Now we once again have a nice tight roof and have spent less than $200 to do it. Yes!

My activities today have not been quite so spectacular but were needed:
Laundry is done.
Grocery shopping is done.
The house is neatened. (I'm not sure if neatened is a word but it should be.)
And most of all I have solved the problem of how to cut my triangles so that when sewn together with a 1/4 inch seam, I will have a 2 1/2 in square. (It's not as easy as one would think.) So now I can begin cutting out the rest of my Amish Star quilt.
Cooking is under way:
I am making stuffed wieners and corn for dinner and baking a chocolate cake for dessert.

I am reading a very interesting book--This Republic of Suffering by Drew Gilpin Faust. It is about death and the American Civil War. The book explores what was considered a Good Death, how do you bury that many people, what is the obligation of the living to the dead, mourning, and much more. If the same proportion of the population that were killed in the Civil War were to be killed today, it would mean 6 million U.S. citizens would have been killed by their fellow citizens.

Thought for the day:

~ Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed ~ Bhagavad Gita

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