Wednesday, November 4, 2020



Just because you’ve been labeled as a pessimist does not mean things won’t go all to hell.

I am exceedingly pessimistic because unless both Biden wins the presidency and the Democrats take the Senate, nothing will be done about our three looming problems:
     1. Climate change 
     2. The COVID-19 pandemic
     3. The economic fallout from the pandemic and our growing inequality 

I am turning my attention away from the things over which I have no control and focusing on keeping us:
     1. Fed
     2. Housed
     3. Healthy


eileeninmd said...


Yes, we must all keep our focus on our health. Nothing will happen with McConnell as the Senate leader. Take care, enjoy your day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those last three are my true goals in life also, and I try to keep that in mind and be happy with it. but I must admit I feel a little better about life since Saturday. you are absolutely right though, we didn’t get the down ballot blue wave we needed. On another downer note... I wish Ronni were still here to give us her take on it all. On Wednesday morning, my sister wrote me about Ronni “she picked a good time to go, the rest of us have to hang in there.”

Wisewebwoman said...

It's hard to carry on without Ronni and her insightful takes on life. I agree with you on switching priorities, there is nothing any of us can do about the world situation and those running it.