Thursday, June 1, 2017


đŸ”¥Resistance. Every. Day.đŸ”¥

Contacted Justice Department online to oppose Sessions' tougher sentences for low level drug offenders as a waste of money and lives. 

Sent Thank You to Senator Lindsey Graham for suggesting penalties for Russia's aggression. 

Sent Thank You to Rep. Walter Jones for signing discharge petition in support of releasing 45's tax returns. 

Thank you notes to Senator Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Adam Kinzinger for calling for and independence commission or special prosecutor. 

Called Rep. Pete Olson, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator John Cornyn to express my concerns about ICE. This agency needs oversight and accountability and clear deportation priorities. 

Sent emails to Rep. Pete Olson, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Ted Cruz expressing my concern about the integrity of our leadership. Jeff Sessions failed to reveal meetings with Russian diplomats during his security screening process. I would like my Representative and Senators to join with Senator Schumer and Rep. Lieu in calling for his resignation. 

Called Rep. Olson, Senator Cornyn, and Senator Cruz to oppose A/G Jeff Sessions stricter penalties for low level drug offenders as a waste of money and totally ineffective as a deterrent. I would like support for S.1127 / HR 2435 to give judges more leeway and authority in sentencing. 

(BTW, I have always been able to at least speak to someone at Rep. Olson's office but I have never once gotten through to a person at either Senator Cornyn or Senator Cruz's office, always leave a message.)

Thank you note to Rep Walter Jones (R-NC) for voting for the release of 45’s tax returns. Americans appreciate you voting for transparency rather than party. 

Thank you note to NY AG Eric Schneiderman for taking Exxon to task. Corporations that are complicit in global warming should be held accountable. 

Thank you note to Chellie Pingree (D-ME) for reminding Sec. Zinke that 45 does not have jurisdiction over national monuments; Congress does. Thank you for your advocacy for America’s people, monuments, and wild places

Thank you note to Mark Meadows (R-NC) for his understanding of the risks facing Americans with pre-existing conditions. Thank you for honoring the memory of your sister and father in your advocacy for affordable healthcare for all Americans.

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, you are working hard for the resistance. Thank you!

Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!