Tuesday, January 10, 2017

President Obama's Farewell Address

These are the notes that I took during his speech. What a well thought out, articulate speech.

President Obama's Farewell Address

Relaxed. Happy. He and Michelle are touched by all the messages sent to them in the past few weeks. His turn to say Thank You.  

First came Chicago in his early 20s. Worked with church groups and saw the quiet dignity of workers in the shadow of closed factories. People coming together to demand change. 

Great gift of founding fathers--self governing to pursue life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. 

Long sweep of America has been forward to embrace all and not just some. Long list of accomplishments from rebooting the economy and the auto industry to engaging with Cuba to getting rid of Iran's nuclear weapons. 

It  is up to all of us to help the government meet the challenges of the future. Policies reflect the greatness of the people. Democracy requires a basic sense of solidarity. We rise or fall as one.  
     1.  Everyone must have a sense of economic opportunity.  
     2.  Race remains a divisive force even though race relations are better than they were.  There is more to do. It cannot be framed as one race against another or the wealthy will simply become more remote and powerful. Housing, work, judicial system. Must change over time.  Must start with the premise that others love this country as much as we do. 
     3. Baseline of facts, willingness to listen to new ideas, and science and reason matter.  Reality has a way of catching up with you. Democracy can buckle when it gives in to fear. We must be vigilant but not afraid. We must not become a bully that threatens smaller nations. 
     4. Democracy is threatened when it is taken for granted.  We should be making it easier to vote and decrease the influence of money and more transparency. None of this happens on it own. It happens only when each one of us take it upon ourselves to make the Constitution meaningful and powerful. Rule of law.  Self government is the under pinning of our prosperity and liberty. 

The system is not inevitably corrupt. We must take responsibility for electing our leaders.  Continually improve this nation. Most important office in a democracy is Citizen. Democracy needs each us over the full course of a lifetime. Lace up your shoes, get a clipboard, run for office, organize. Can energize and inspire. 

Beautiful tribute to his family.  Joe Biden. 


Both a farewell and looking forward.  

Optimistic vision. 

Campaign rally style. 

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