Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Around OakMeadows

A quilt I made several years ago. 

Around OakMeadows

When we woke up Sunday morning, it was quite apparent that something was wrong with the downstairs air-conditioner. Of course, it had to happen on the weekend.... Since the unit for upstairs was still working, we put fans on the stairway to blow some cool air down.  This and closing all the blinds and doing all cooking outside kept us, if not cool, about lukewarm. Sleeping Sunday night was not really comfortable but with fans and wet cloths, we managed. Fortunately, we were able to get the repairman out by 10am Monday morning and by noon, life support was operational once again. I did not have air conditioning when I was growing up and well remember the long hot days and nights. Hooray for air conditioning!

Over the years we have bought various chemicals for use in our yard, many of them quite toxic.  Our county has a household hazardous waste collection at the recycling center every Monday.  So Sunday I boxed up all kinds of yard poisons that I would never buy today and took them in Monday morning.  I'm not sure how they dispose of them but at least they won't be poured out to get in the water table.  I found out that they take paint and roofing asphalt so I will gather all that up and take that in next. 

It was time to go to the optometrist.  Nothing out of the ordinary. Needed a new prescription for my glasses. My eyes show some age-related cataract development but not enough to require surgery yet.  My new lenses will be ready later this week.  

Friday I have an appointment to get a TSA Flight Pre-✔️ card/clearance so I won't have to stand in the horrible security line at the airport when we go to LasVegas later this year.  It costs $85 but it is worth it to me. I think it lasts for several years but I'm not sure how many.  Since I can't walk through the scanner, I have to have a body pat down. The women TSA agents have always be sensitive and courteous but it is still embarrassing and annoying and a total waste of time and effort. Anyway, the Pre-✔️ will eliminate that hassle. 

That's all the news from OakMeadows where the cats and the people are thankful for air-conditioning!


schmidleysscribblins.com said...

Thanks for the tip about the Pre-✔️. I am fluing to CA in October and will investigate this.

Rambling Woods said...

We have done a big clean- up here including visits to the same type of recycling... Michelle

Hattie said...

TSE pre is great. We also have Global Entry, which we used coming back from Canada recently.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The precheck card sounds well worth the money. We will probably fly when we go back to Florida in December. I just asked Bill if he knew about it and of course he said yes and it is good for five years. My travel planner is always one step ahead of me ;>). I remember no A/C when we were children too, growing up in the hot desert of Eastern Washington state. Not sure how we survived, but I guess it toughened us (we slept in the basement a lot).