Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cecil, the lion

Like many other people around the world, I was sickened by the images of the lion, Cecil, killed for sport by the dentist from the U.S.  The cruelty of it was horrifying. If anything good can come of it, perhaps the publicity will help end such horrible practices.  Killing for sport is not limited to lions in Zimbabwe. It goes on day after day after day, killing elephants and rhinos for ivory, and other animals to put their dead heads up on a wall. It is disgusting.  If it is necessary to kill in order to eat, that is one thing but to kill and call it sport, is depraved.  I truly wonder about humankind--we start wars and kill each other, we spend billions of dollars on the latest technology to kill each other with millions of people who simply want to live their lives peacefully caught in the middle. We have no respect for the environment on which our very lives depend. Sadly, it is not surprising that animals are killed as sport for trophies. 

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Rambling Woods said...

Oh this is so sad and makes me so angry