Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stuff and The Queen of Versailles


The other evening I watched The Queen of Versailles on a Netflix DVD. Briefly, it was about a very wealthy family who was building the largest single family home in America when the economic bottom fell out from under them in 2008. 

My reaction was how much I wished I could get in there and sort all those messes out. There was so much clutter that needed clearing out and organizing. Piles of papers and piles of clothes and piles of stuff everywhere. 

They ate junk food with as far as I could tell, no attention to nutrition, meal times, or common table manners. I would love to put them all on a schedule and a budget. 

There were  8 children who were completely directionless. All they knew how to do was consume. They certainly had the money to make a contribution to the world but it is hard to imagine they will do anything worthwhile. 
I can't identify with them at all but still I felt sorry for them. 

After watching it, I googled their name and read that their business was coming back and that they had recommenced building the 90,000 SQ. ft. house.  Apparently, no one learned from the experience. 

Then I did a thorough housecleaning and balanced my checkbook. 


Hattie said...

They are laughable people that I can find no lessons of life to follow,either in a positive or a negative sense. The evil genius is his son, a total cynic and opportunist who sneers at the suckers. Ugh. This is really about evil.
But it was funny in places, like when the kid gets on a commercial flight and says, "Who are all those people on our plane?"

Rambling Woods said...

LOL..when I watch TV, I am always thinking of how I could fix stuff.. Michelle

Florence said...

The one part that really creeped me out was not the pet rat or the snake but her dead dogs--one had been stuffed and one skinned and draped on the piano. Really weird!!

Hattie said...

And my cousin, who really isn't as dumb as this makes him sound, said, well she really seemed like a nice, likable person in spite of it all!
Well, a lot of men are thick in the head about women that way, I guess.