Monday, November 5, 2012


One of the more disappointing aspects of aging is that I no longer sleep as well as I used to.  What makes it so unsatisfactory is that I was once a world class sleeper. I could nap with the best of nappers.  I enjoyed sleeping and dreaming.  I happily anticipated bedtime.  Alas no longer. I wake frequently all night every night. It doesn't matter if I nap during the day or not or if I go to bed early or late.  I remember my aunt telling me one morning that she hadn't slept all night. I didn't believe her then, I thought she must have slept and just didn't remember it.  I believe it now.  I had a sleep study done 3 weeks ago and have an appointment with the sleep doctor to get the results next week.  I have some Lunesta but I am rather hesitant to take it regularly.  How I would enjoy a good night's sleep!

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Hattie said...

I went through a period of not sleeping well. It was mostly due to not getting enough exercise and drinking wine.
No problems now.