Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday Doings

Our new roses were delivered today. JMM has prepared the new rose bed with all the finest ingredients--- he removed the clay soil and worked in compost, cow patties, mulch, and special rose soil. It should grow some magnificent roses. We went kind of overboard and ordered 18 new roses. But there is plenty of room for them. He also ordered a nice climbing rose for the east side of the house. He was out pruning the Daybreaker roses when the FedEx guy came with the new ones. (I cannot prune roses because you must be ruthless and cut them too much for me. I am too tender hearted and want all the branches to have a chance... ).

JMM took Daisy in the truck to get a Diet Coke. He was almost back to the house when he called me and told me to drop everything and be ready with both pairs of binoculars to hop in the van and be ready to go as soon as he got home. I did and off we went, first to the front lake where here were 3 pelicans! I cannot imagine why they are this far inland! We have never seen pelicans on the lakes! Then we drove on Hwy 762 towards the school and in the fields to the left, there were 2 flocks of Sandhills Cranes; each flock had about 50 of those magnificent birds. So today turned into a really good birding day without even trying!

After I made our usual Saturday baked potato for lunch, I made a pan of brownies. And for dinner, I made us bacon sandwiches and oven fries. Since Daisy is going home tomorrow, I cooked her 2 pieces of bacon too.

We are reading about Brunelleschi in February for our Art History project. I am reading Brunelleschi's Dome by Ross King. JMM ordered a large picture book of his work. We saw his magnificent dome at Santa Maria del Fiore when we were in Florence in 2001.

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