Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Goals

It is the time to look back on the year and see if the goals that we set were actually met. This has been an unusual year as I was struggling with physical problems virtually all year. Nevertheless, it was a good year and here are the results:
I. Physical
A. Eat real food--mostly done and I lost 32 pounds.
B. Rest when tired--I am learning to listen to my body and stop when I need to rest.
C. Dental cleanings--twice yearly cleanings done and no dental work needed.
D. Yearly physical--not done but due to my illness, I saw more doctors than I care to remember.
E. Gyn exam--done.
F. Mammogram--will be done Jan.18.
G. GI doc—done January 14 colonoscopy--done and that was just the beginning of my GI tests and exams...
H. Optometrist--not done; on the list for 2011.
II. Spiritual
A. Church and Sunday School--not done as much as I would like mostly because of illness.
B. Bible chapter each day--done.
C. Spiritual book--done.
III. Professional
A. Complete 19th year at TMH--done.
B. Continuing Education hours--done.
IV. Financial
A. Pay off house—done!!
B. Increase emergency fund to $8,000--done.
C. Resume 403b contributions--done.
We also saved almost $40,000 toward new vehicles when we need them.
V. Personal
A. Monthly haircut--done.
B. Spring and fall clothes--done. I've had to buy several new clothes because of my weight loss. (Oh darn...)
C. Read good books--I read and listened to several good books but the old saying of "So many books, so little time" is so true.
D. Go birding--We were able to go on a couple of brief birding trips but I was too sick much of the year to do more than watch the birds at the feeders.

Next on the agenda is to set goals for next year. How about you? Do you set yearly goals?

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